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Puckdropper's Qbasic Programs

This is a collection of programs I have created using Microsoft Qbasic (which came bundled with Dos 5 until Windows 95B.) To download a program, you may have to right click on the title and select your browser's "save as..." option.

Remember where you put the file, and open it in Qbasic. Once it's opened, all you need to do is press the "F5" key and enjoy!

Going Home

Going Home
Going Home Beta Version
"Going Home: North" Released: 06/27/03
"Going Home" Released: 7/27/03
Final Release Date: Unknown
System Requirements: Any system with Qbasic.

For best results, you may need a 486 or higher (it's just for the "winner" screen.)
This is a text-based aventure game called "Going Home." You are trapped in an alternate dimension, far away from your home. You must make decisions to get you home. Each decision can lead to success, imprisionment, slavery, or even death.

To get anywhere, this game requires you to input the number to the left of your desired selection, then press the [enter] key.

This is just a beta version, it contains the directions North, South, and East. Everything was done by me except the Credits screen, which I got from Nukem's program "Wry". (Nukem's Message Board)

You can download "Going Home: North" by clicking on the title above.

M$ Clone

M$ Clone
M$ Clone - Final Version
Initial and Final release date: Some time ago
System requirements: Any system with Qbasic.
This is what would be called a "farce." It's a humourous exaggeration (not that much of one) of how Microsoft Operating systems seem to work.


You can download "M$ Clone" by clicking on the title above.

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