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A few minor updates

Erik noticed a few bugs and security concerns on the blog software. I've fixed a few things and uploaded my changes.

Server Move

I'm working on moving to a new hosting account, so the site may act funny the next few days. Hopefully the disruptions will be minimal.

New Updates Color Scheme

Hopefully more in keeping with the rest of the page, I've changed the color scheme on the site updates page. There's some bugs to work out, such as the hyperlink color. Aqua just isn't working.

This looks an awful lot like Nukem Enterprises scheme.

Update to 1.0

I've updated the updates scripts to version 1.0. A couple changes were necessary, but they were all in config files. You can't really get around that kind of change.

There are likely to be some artifacts of the old code laying about, so let me know if you find any. (The bugs were fixed, the results of the bugs were not.)

New page and new colorscheme

The green background with white text just wasn't working for me. I decided to change it to black with orange text, just like the amber monochrome monitors of old.

I've also added a new page, detailing a program called channel.exe I updated. You can find it at: http://puckdroppersplace.us/computer/channel.php

I've also removed the dead the links in the computer section. Most were left intact, but the hyperlink removed in case a visitor to the page later wanted to try to find the information later. It just so happened that the links to corporate sites generally all broke, but the personal websites were still there.

Request for Comments - Ice Rink Page Index


I am thinking of redesigning the look of my web page once again. If someone would like to comment on the new design, giving me their impressions of the design and what's good or bad about it, please do so.

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New Page! Module Design


This page describes the thought process on the design of my latest module. It takes the reader through the basics of what was needed to get the design out of my head and on to the computer.

This post has been edited at 2008-02-19 19:55:53

A few updates

I added a link to the oft-mentioned blog software I've been working on, in the model railroad section. It's focus has been either model railroading or itself, so it makes sense to put it there.

Also, I updated the module construction page with a note about Ntrak. It seems you can follow those steps and get an Ntrak-ready module. (Ntrak-ready means you still have to lay track and everything.)

Quick Fix: Added slashes to full names

I added slashes to the areas where I used full names rather than relative URLs. There are two places I used full names: One to link back to my domain's main page (for mirroring purposes) and one to link to the phpBB forums I use. The forums don't work very well when someone's mirrored the site, so it's best to use a full URL for those.

The slashes were made necessary because of the implicit meaning they convey. When you put a slash at the end of a directory name, it apparently says "I want the index at this location." While having no slash means "I want the index for this site." Subtle, but important difference.

New Domain

After losing contact with the guy who set up the puckdroppers .us domain name, it expired and could not be renewed. I now have registered a new domain name, (which if you're reading this you probably know about) puckdroppersplace.us. Once I get the hosting problem solved, it should all work. (Currently the host tries to look up URLs entered in the location bar at the original domain.)

Converting the website code over to the new domain was easy. There were only 7 changes made to about 40 source files, all of them were menu templates. Avoiding use of explicit paths and making use of templates has made the maintenance of the website much easier.

Hm... Looks like the next update I make will be to upgrade to the latest "blog" version for the updates list.

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