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Creative Stuff

This is my section for things that don't belong in the other three sub-sections but I want shared. Please note that while not registered in the US Copywrite offices, all works in this section are copywritted by me (Unless otherwise specified). I don't care if you use the stuff here, so long as proper credit is given. Commercial use of anything here is prohibited without consent.

2nd.mid (midi)

A complete music composition. While it may not be as good as a Beethoven symphony, I like it. Thus, it is being shared.

This was composed with Finale Notepad 2003, During the Fall of 2002. I have no title yet, so please feel free to suggest one. The whole piece is original, no part was composed by any other person. While this is only a simple arrangement, many parts can be added to make it an orchestra arangement.

This composition copyright 2002 by Matt Brault.


In my first semester of college, I had an English Composition class. This class was ready to begin work on another essay, just a few days before Halloween. I hoped that the teacher wouldn't want to assign something related to Halloween, but he did anyway. This is a horror story that I wrote for that class.

Preview: Thomas was minding his own business, thinking about upgrading to high-speed Internet. A knock on the door, and there was someone to install it for a really good monthly price. While the service works wonderfully, Thomas is dissatisfied with his service, as there's something very annoying about it...

Wagging Tails Mouse Cursors (zip)

I thought having a mouse with a moving tail would be cute, so I made a mouse cursor with one. I also made an busy pointer that not only wags its tail, it also empties the hour glass, turns it over and starts again! There are six different cursors, four normal cursors and two busy ones.

Pizza After Church - By Brad Brault (mp3)

This is Pizza After Church, a song my Dad wrote, recorded and "released" (Made tapes and gave it to us (his family)). This is one of the best of his songs, and quite catchy. Give it a listen!

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