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These pictures, with little exception, where taken by a cheap Polaroid Digital 320 camera, with a 100 watt light bulb and 40 watt bulb that were shone on the scene at different angles, with 3 or more pictures per scene taken. Out of about 24 exposures, I'm happy to get 5 good ones.

Computers Easily Create

Here's a photo of a building with a steam locomotive in the background.

Here's the same photo, enhanced by adding the blue sky and coloring the white plaster.


Dusk has settled, and the two men are wondering if they're going to unload the box car or leave it for tomorrow morning.

Accident Scene!

Oh No! There's been an accident! Luckily no one was hurt and they're out assessing the damage.

It looks like they might take to swinging at each other... How mature.

Here's an overhead view to give you an idea of what happened.

Speed Trap

A truck driver has dropped his trailer. Not many people take notice because this happens all the time.

It looks like the police, on the other hand, did. What a great hiding place, eh?

It worked. Glad that speeder wasn't me!

Truck Repair

This is the first model I built from scratch. It is a truck maintenence building. On my layout, the railroad and trucks rely on one another. The trains move cargo long distances, and the trucks carry it short distances.

F3A Diesel Locomotive

Ever wondered what a BNSF E or F unit may have looked like? This is my guess.

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